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Tools You Can Use

BSA offers its members a variety of programs for in-house training, outside sales promotion, education, and public relations. BSA has taken the lead in encouraging development and use of technology to link members with their supply source and end users. A description of these programs follows:

Scorecards | Top Ten | Training & Networking Opportunities | Bearing Briefs | Industry Briefs | BSA White Papers | Certification Program | Debit Memo Guidelines | Distribution Software Guide | In-House Training Guide | ABMA |Programs to Support the Military & Veterans | ICP |NAW | PAR | PPIF | Sales Training | Solveras | UID| Sale of Unauthorized Bearings

Sale of Authorized Bearings: Customizable Brochures for Distributors and Manufacturers

Your Colleagues at BSA developed downloadable, customizable brochures promoting the Sale of Authorized Bearings. The brochures come with all you need to easily customize your Company Logo and your company name. Click here to access the all-inclusive file with Brochures for Distributors and Manufacturers on the BSA Members Only Website.

Scorecards for Distributors and Manufacturers

Scorecard: Top Ten Attributes of a Great Channel Partner

BSA members and participating manufacturers can access scorecards to evaluate each other: "Attributes of a Great Distributor", "Attributes of a Great Manufacturer", and "Top Ten Attributes of a Great Channel Partner".

  • Distributors can evaluate manufacturers
  • Manufacturers can evaluate distributors
  • Use them internally for training new personnel
  • Use them at the conference table sessions at the convention.

The scorecards are available on the BSA Members-Only Website.

Note: A username and password is required to access this site.


Top Ten Reasons

The "Top Ten Reasons to Buy Bearing Products and Services from an Authorized BSA Member Distributor" is a complete turnkey marketing campaign for authorized BSA member distributors and participating manufacturers.

Personalized posters and brochures enumerating the top ten benefits of authorized distribution can be used to meet the competition head on; to reinforce the benefits of dealing with an Authorized Bearing Distributor; and to maintain positive top-of-mind awareness for your customers.

Complete ordering information is available on the Members-Only Website.

Note: A username and password is required to access this site.



BSA Training and Networking Opportunities

Follow this link for dates, times and details on upcoming seminars, webinars, and additional training & networking opportunities offered by BSA and other leading industry allies.


Bearing Briefs

These special bulletins present summarized information on topics of interest to the bearings industry, such as seal selection and plane bearings. The reports, which are published periodically as warranted, are


Industry Briefs


BSA White Papers


Certification Program

Bearing Specialists Certification Program


Debit Memo Guidelines

Guidelines for the electronic exchange of Debit and Credit Memo elements between manufacturer and distributor.

Click here for the Debit Memo Guidelines.


Distribution Software Guide


The Distribution Software Guide allows distributors to create side-by-side product comparisons to determine which enterprise distribution software packages are a good fit to for their wholesale distribution business. Click on the image to access the guide.


  The Manufacturing Software Guide is specifically developed for the unique needs of the manufacturing community. It's designed to help the Manufacturer evaluate, compare and analyze software to determine which products fit their operation. Click on the image to access the guide.


Distributor Report Survey

The Distributor Report Survey was developed to determine a true picture of the importance of BSA's distributor members to the industry. The results can be a valuable resource in recognizing market trends to help grow your business. However, BSA needs your input to present the most complete data.

The information requested is different from the Performance Analysis Report questionnaire.  The PAR report is operational in nature, compares your firm with similar firms and provides suggestions for improving your firm's profitability. The Distributor Report Survey is concerned with the industries bearing distributors serve and the product categories of bearing sales only. As with the Performance Analysis Report, your responses to the BSA Distributor Report are completely confidential. They are tallied by the Profit Planning Group, which has a spotless record in assembling and reporting such information. Responses are reported in aggregate form only.

Click here for the 2014 Distributor Report Survey.


In-House Training Guide

Based on generic materials from major bearing manufacturers, the guide can be used for both group training and self-training and can be adapted to suit any company, regardless of size.

In-House Training Guide and BSA Lubrication Guide order form



ABMA Educational Programs at BSA Member Discounts


Programs to Support the Miltary and Veterans

Post Your Open Skilled Jobs Free for 60,000+ Unemployed National Guard Citizen-Soldiers

Click here to Register for Posting




ICP logo

The Industrial Careers Pathway® (ICP) is a multi-faceted program working to ensure North America’s competitive advantage in industrial distribution in (ID) by attracting future employees and providing the training and skills needed.  

Supported by associations and organizations committed to the advancement of industrial distribution, ICP is working to:

  • Increase awareness of industrial distribution and career opportunities.
  • Position the industry and ID careers as desirable options for young people.
  • Create a career pathway including training, education, internship and mentoring programs and build a pipeline of people entering ID positions.
  • Recruit younger adults and connect employers with potential employees and ID students.
  • Engage communities and educational institutions across North America in making young people aware of industrial distribution careers and preparing them for these good jobs.

Click here for an ICP Brochure.



NAW Programs at BSA Member Discounts


Performance Analysis Report (PAR)

The PAR provides a financial profile of the bearings distribution industry, as well as specific reports on individual companies' financial performances. The PAR provides an opportunity to evaluate a company's past year through the various financial and operational ratios efficient businesses rely on, as well as to "benchmark" the company's performance against other bearing specialists of similar size, product mix, and geographic location. It is the only industry survey that deals with bearing specialists.

PPG provides annually an "End of Year" Analysis Report for Distributors with graphics combining data results from related but separate industries to provide additional perspective for PAR participants.

The compiled results of the previous years' Performance Analysis Reports are available only to participants.


Driving Profit in Distribution produced by Al Bates, President Profit Planning Group.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PAR The BSA/CTDA Financial Benchmarking webinar is scheduled for February 9, 2016 at 1:00 PM EST, 12:00 PM CST. Use this link to register for the BSA/CTDA Financial Benchmarking Webinar.


Product & Price Information Format (PPIF)

The format was designed to increase the efficiency of vendor/purchaser information exchanges by providing common categorization of data.

The current version of the format is available for download below.

PPIF V.2.5 Complete

PPIF V2.5 Excel format only



Sales Training

Joe Ellers (The Sales Guy) and his firm, Consulting Associates, was selected to provide BSA with specialized training in sales management, sales, customer service, marketing and sales leadership, because of the wealth of knowledge Joe and his team bring to BSA.

Joe has developed BSA's Counter/Inside Sales Training Program specifically for inside sales and customer service personnel in the bearing industry.  We are also pleased to introduce our new Sales Manager online training program. 

For complete information and BSA member pricing, please visit



Solveras Credit Card Processing

BSA has teamed up with Solveras Payment Systems and NAW to provide members with the latest credit card processing technology. The program includes negotiated group discounts and a full range of processing options designed to meet your business’s unique payment needs, including a secure virtual terminal that allows you to manage transactions from any computer with Internet access.

Take advantage of a professional FREE savings analysis to see the program savings in writing with no obligation to enroll. For more information, please visit or call 800-613-0148 today.


University of Industrial Distribution (UID)

University of Innovative Distribution (UID)