How authorized distributors may become members of BSA
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Qualifications for Membership

To be eligible for BSA membership, an applicant must have had as a principal function the stocking, selling and distributing, as an authorized distributor of a full range of all basic types and sizes of new factory-warranted bearings for a period of at least two years. This activity must be sufficiently broad to permit the company to serve, on an effective and timely basis, the industrial replacement and maintenance requirements of its accounts or potential accounts.

The applicant should therefore be recognized as a bearing specialist by representative bearing manufacturers and bearing specialists, and:

  • Maintain a full-time sales organization, actively and continuously engaged in calling upon and servicing customers.
  • Maintain an adequately staffed and equipped office along with adequate warehouse and shipping facilities that should be continuously open during normal business hours.
  • Purchase new factory-warranted bearings as an authorized distributor and maintain a warehouse stock of such products large enough to service its customers and potential customers effectively.
  • Have personnel possessing the training and ability to draw specifications, recommend changeover applications, and generally to assist its customers in solving engineering and other technical problems related to the replacement of bearings and associated items.

"Authorized distributor” for the purposes of the BSA bylaws is defined as a distributor who has been notified, specifically and demonstrably, by a bearing manufacturer that it may hold itself out to others that it has the status of an authorized distributor for one or more of such manufacturer’s basic types and sizes of new manufacturer warranted bearings for replacement or maintenance purposes. If such manufacturer withdraws such authorization, the distributor is no longer an authorized distributor for that manufacturer’s products within the meaning of the BSA bylaws. As with all other bylaw words and provisions, the BSA Board of Directors’ interpretation is final.


How to Join

  • Provide a written request to become a member of BSA
  • Furnish company literature including:
    • Age of company and number of branches
    • Major bearing lines your company represents

BSA Financial Structure

BSA is supported financially through member dues. The dues structure has changed over the years to equalize dues costs by company size and to allow dues to grow as member companies grow.