How manufacturers of bearings and accessories may be invited to participate in BSA
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Participating Manufacturers

Manufacturers of bearings and accessories may become Participating Manufacturers of BSA. Participating manufacturers are entitled to receive BSA mailings during the year, to have access to the BSA Electronic Resource Center, to be listed in BSA's electronic Address Book, to participate in BSA activities such as committees, to have access to BSA's published materials, and to have a conference table at the BSA Annual Convention where they can have private, one-on-one meetings with existing and potential customers.

How to Become a Participating Manufacturer

  • Provide a written request to become a participating manufacturer of BSA
  • Furnish company literature including:
    • Age of company and other relevant historical information
    • A listing of distributors that represent your company line

BSA Financial Structure

BSA is supported financially through member dues. The dues structure has changed over the years to equalize dues costs by company size and to allow dues to grow as member companies grow.