Why Join BSA
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BSA builds essential relationships between distributors and manufacturers.

There are many reasons to join the Bearing Specialists Association, listed below are the most important three.

  1. BSA and the BSA Annual Convention offer unparalleled industry networking.

    BSA is the "must belong to organization for authorized bearing distributors" because it offers unparalleled industry networking as part of every BSA Annual Convention agenda. No other industry event brings together top-level leaders from both the distribution and manufacturing sectors of the supply chain. The opportunity to networking with industry leaders and share knowledge at the highest level is unmatched in any other industry group.
  2. BSA is the only association with the tools and knowledge sharing to develop the next generation of industry leaders and deliver expertise for the benefit of manufacturers.

    For more than 50 years, BSA's unique networking opportunities have developed generation after generation of industry leaders who have shaped not just their companies but those they do business with into the innovators of what is now a technologically driver, worldwide marketplace. Only BSA can provide the industry access along with the tools and knowledge sharing to become a future leader in the industry.
  3. BSA delivers a significant return on investment.

    BSA understands that businesses run by the bottom line. BSA delivers real ROI. Industry leaders who invest time and financial resources in BSA are shaping relationships and future business while resolving today's business challenges. Attendees call the BSA Annual Convention "the most profitable business trip of the year" because they meet the decision-makes of their key distribution chain partners.

BSA Members say it best:

"BSA is, quite simply, the best business investment you an make. This is industry networking and knowledge sharing at the highest level. We invite you to develop and enhance the industry-specific relationships that are the basics for BSA."